Saturday, 13 February 2010

Boondock Saints 2 : All Saints Day

So almost ten years since the cult film Boondock Saints was released Troy Duffy has gathered the old cast back together to make a sequel. Set 8 years on from the original the son of yakavetta, the Mafia don from the last film who the saints executed in a busy court room, is out for revenge and frames the saints so that they come back from hiding and he can kill them.

After enjoying the first Boondock Saints I was quite excited for this film and I had hoped it would live up to its cult status. And I think to die hard fans it will, it has all the same elements as the last film, guns, violence, revenge, drinking and now with the added element of sex in the form of Julie Benz (and as I am a huge Dexter fan this was a even better bonus).

However I did not think this film was anywhere near as good as it should have been. The plot was very scattered and hard to follow, not in a good intriguing way in a annoying frustrating way. There was a scene that made no sense at all, involving one of the dead characters from the last film and a dream sequence. Through out the film there were strange uses of effects on the camera that I can only imagine were used because they were available and have no artistic merit at all.

The original was meant to be Duffy's view of society and had a little more meaning to it. It was about two men standing up against the corruption and failure of the system. About how good men should stand up against injustice and stop fearing the bad guys. This one is just a sequel.

If you didn't enjoy the first one do not watch this one. If you enjoyed the first one I recommend you watch the sequel but don't expect a masterpiece, expect a trilogy.

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