Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ninja Assasin

This film is about an "Europeol" agent who seems to become fascinated with the potential existence of ninjas, all with in the space of a few minutes, her superior seems to become convinced just because he fancies her, which I am sure is how international crime investigators really operate. The ninja who is the main character is more like a member of a boy band than an assassin, which the film mentions at one point, probably the only decent part of the script.

The story is unbelievably stupid and predictable. At one point the ninja seems to get information about the female officer as she is about to be assassinated by the other ninjas, and some litle girl runs up to the ninja with the information with no back up as to how the little girl knew this or who she was working for. The acting is almost as bad as the story, none of the characters convinced me at all.
The photography at times was shoddy, with huge sections being slowed down and then not a lot happening in them.

The only thing in the film that was an good, even though it was completely over the top and wouldn't have looked out of place in a comedy horror film was the amount of blood that seemed to come from even the most insignificant cuts. Some of the wounds were significant enough to have a reasonable amount of blood, but this film went over the top, if the film took itself a lot less serious then it could have been something that would have been bearable, however it didn't. This film made me angry, and in some parts made me laugh with disbelief as it was so terrible.

Do not see this film, unless just to laugh at.

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