Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sherlock Holmes


Guy Ritchie's new take on Sherlock Holmes is actually pretty good, far from being a masterpiece but thoroughly enjoyable. I am a fan of Ritchie's early work however in recent years his work has been sloppy and a bit too much like someone trying to do a Guy Ritchie film. However saying as he has not written this film maybe that is why it is so much better than anything he has done recently. Although in a completely different genre than 'snatch' and 'lock stock' I would say this is as good if not better. 

The story is very interesting. If anything it is a love story between Holmes and Watson, as Holmes can't come to terms with the fact Watson is moving out and getting married. This aspect of the film brings a large amount of humour. The rest of the story is about Lord Blackwood who at the beginning of the film seems to be involved with some satanic worship and sacrifice. Holmes is recruited to find out what, and if anything more, was going on.

Robert Downey Jr. Is fantastic in the film. His accent is perfect and after a few minutes of the film you forget he is American and completely believe he is the character. Jude Law is equally as good in the role of Watson. Downey and Law have a very good presence on screen and have good chemistry.

The only thing that was wrong with the film in my eyes was that it was pointing too hard at a sequel through out the film, not that I wont enjoy a sequel, just I thought it detracted from the story happening in this one. The story would have been perfectly fine with out introducing a infamous character from the Sherlock Holmes books. But I suppose that is the business of Hollywood, everything is set up to make money and become a franchise not just entertain any more.

Even with this in mind I would recommend you see this film very enjoyable and good fun.

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